Books on Edible Landscaping

Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally
Robert Kourik, Metamorphic Press Santa Rosa, Ca. 1986

This is a must for those serious gardeners. Chock full of information on design, gardening, soil preparation, pruning, biological controls, combing fruits, flowers, lawns, herbs, vines, and vegies. (Jude Hobbs)

The Beautiful Food Garden
Kate Rodgers Gessert N.Y. 1983

An Encyclopedia of food plants specifically for the Willamette Valley. (Jude Hobbs)

Forest Gardening : Cultivating an Edible Landscape
Robert A. De J. Hart


The Edible Flower Garden
Rosalind Creasy

Your flower garden is not only beautiful to look at, it's quite tasty as well. In "The Edible Flower Garden," Rosalind Creasy shows you how to incorporate flowers into your dishes in surprising and beautiful ways. Another helping of hollyhocks, anyone?

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