Books on Trees and Forest Gardening / Agroforestry

Forest Gardening : Cultivating an Edible Landscape
Robert A de J Hart ISBN 1 870098 44 7

Robert Hart explains the gentle, patient philosophy behind his Forest Garden in Shropshire. Incredibly inspiring, this is wisdom born from a lifetime's study. It contains species lists for temperate and sub-tropical forest garden systems, and draws together many strands from the green/permaculture movement. Excellent. ML.

Fruit (R.H.S. Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening)
Harry Baker ISBN 1 85732 905 8

An excellent book covering all the fruit and nut varieties that can be grown in a UK climate, including more exotic types for conservatories. Very thorough and practical, with clear illustrations and diagrams. The explanations on pollination groups and rootstocks are easily understood, and this book is really useful in the planning of a forest garden. ML.</font>

Woodland in Permaculture
Patrick Whitefield (1992 booklet distributed by Permanent Publications)

I don't know if this is still available, but it's a good resource for those who are managing woodland or planting trees within a permaculture framework. The Appendix has an article on fodder trees in a temperate climate by Marc Bonfils. ML

Woodlands A Practical Handbook
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) 0 950 1643 7 2

This book was used as the basis of a Woodland Management course I attended in England some years ago. An authoritative guide to the history and ecology of British woodlands, with practical help on managing, planting and coppicing woodland. A 'must have' for anyone with a practical interest in trees. ML.

Woodland Crafts in Britain
H.L.Edlin ISBN 07153 5852 9

My 'Desert Island' book. All there is to know about life in a timber-based, pre (or post)-plastic world. When the oil runs out you'll need this book. ML.

British Woodland Produce
J.R.Aaron & E.G.Richards ISBN 0 85442 047 9

An excellent guide to the markets for British hardwoods and softwoods. Covers sawlogs, drying & conversion, fencing, wood gas and charcoal production and more. Useful for those who are managing existing woodland. ML.

Broadleaves Forestry Commission Booklet
Text by H.L.Edlin ISBN 0 11710039 0

A guide to identification of the main British broadleaf trees, with colour plates and line drawings of leaves, buds and twigs. Habitat, propagation and uses of each tree are covered. ML

Forest Farming
J.Sholto Douglas & Robert A de J Hart 0 946688 30 3

An introduction to the principles of agroforestry, or the combination of conventional farm/food crops in a forest system, whereby crop yields benefit from the important PC principle of 'stacking'. Many of the references and species are sub-tropical to tropical, and geographically wide-ranging. Nevertheless, a good start point for those with more land than they know what to do with. ML.

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