Books on Fruit & Nut Crops

The Orchard Almanac
Steve Page and Joe Smillie

A seasonal guide to healthy fruit trees. Excellent reference planting, pruning, fertilization, organic control of pests, restoring old fruit trees, IPM, resistant varieties, harvest and storage.

Western Fruit, Berries and Nuts
Lance Walheim & Robert Stebbins


Fruit (R.H.S. Encyclopaedia of Practical Gardening)
Harry Baker ISBN 1 85732 905 8

An excellent book covering all the fruit and nut varieties that can be grown in a UK climate, including more exotic types for conservatories. Very thorough and practical, with clear illustrations and diagrams. The explanations on pollination groups and rootstocks are easily understood, and this book is really useful in the planning of a forest garden. ML.

The Apple Grower - A Guide for the Organic Orchadist
Michael Philipps, 1998, An Acres USA book, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, $35; also available from Abundant Life Seed Foundation ; ISBN 1-890132-04-7

From the sleeve: "Apples are "organic's final frontier". May orchard "experts" say that growing apples organically is flat-out impossible. Fortunately, Michael Philipps and growers like him didn't listen. Philipps has been doing the impossible at his Lost Nation Orchard. His secrets? Hard work and willingness to learn from nature." [...] The author operates the seven-acre Lost Nation Orchard and Cider Mill with business partner David Craxton. [...] An extremely useful book for anyone growing apples or planning on doing so, at whatever scale. The book was written for US conditions (incl. problem pests and diseases) but the principles underlying organic orchard management are also useful to growers elsewhere.

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