Books on Horticulture

Master Garden Handbook
Oregon State Extension Service 1993 EM 8442

Covers: Botany Basics, Soil and Fertilizers, Plant Propagation, Pruning, Vegie Gardening, Ornamental Herbaceous plants, Ornamental woody plants, Home Orchards, small fruit Culture and care, lawns, House plants, Insects, Plant diseases, Diagnostic key to urban plant problems, understanding pesticides, landscapes design, information about master gardeners. Available at the Country Extension Service for nominal price. (Jude Hobbs)

Pruning: Roses, Deciduous Shrubs, Evergreens, hedges, wall shrubs, fruit bushes and trees, deciduous trees
Christopher Brickell

The best guide I know of for providing pruning techniques. (Jude Hobbs)

The Permaculture Garden
Graham Bell ISBN 0 7225 2783 7

Less emphasis on PC philosophy than 'The PC Way', and more on practical gardening tips and projects. Excellent species lists throughout (British emphasis again). A good introduction, and worth the price for the species lists alone. ML.

The New Organic Grower
Eliot Coleman ISBN 0 304 34013 8

'A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener'. Although written with a US emphasis on varieties and climate, the simple, practical philosophy behind this book is relevant anywhere. Coleman brings a true craftsman's perspective to the growing of food. Practical and accessible, the sections on crop rotation and tools are especially interesting. Permaculture is not mentioned, but this is a book that shows how best to grow those annual crops we can't grow in a forest-based model. ML.

Four Season Harvest
Eliot Coleman 0 930031 57 1

A sequel to the New Organic Grower, this book deals mainly with the subject of season extension, through the use of polytunnels and cold frames. Varieties and timings are based in the US, and would have to be adapted for other climates. ML.

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