Books on Vegetable Growing

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible
John Jeavons, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley '79

French Intensive method of gardening, good lists of companions plants.

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden
John Jeavons, Carol Cox


The Self-Sufficient Gardener
John Seymour, Dolphin Books Doubleday and Company, Garden City N.Y. 1980

One of my favorite general garden book. Excellent colored line drawings, explanations of soil care, propagation, controlling insects and diseases, Harvesting and storage, greenhouse growing and more. (Jude Hobbs)

Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest
Binda Colebrook

A guide to growing vegetables between October and May. Site selection, variety choices, when to plant and harvest. Explanation of common winter crop pests and diseases. (Jude Hobbs)

Four Season Harvest
Eliot Coleman 0 930031 57 1

A sequel to the New Organic Grower, this book deals mainly with the subject of season extension, through the use of polytunnels and cold frames. Varieties and timings are based in the US, and would have to be adapted for other climates. ML.