Books on Wildcrafting

The Wordsworth Guide to Edible Plants & Animals - An omniverous feast of unusual meat and vegetables
A.D. Livingston and Helen Livingston Wordsworth Reference 1993 ISBN 1-85326-377-X

"An extraordinary survey of the vast and varied ways that different cultures have cooked - or overlooked - the culinary delights that surround them. It is an exhaustive and slightly offbeat compendium of the products of nature fit for human consumption. Often what may seem abhorrent to one culture may very well have been a delicacy or even a staple to the palates of another time or place. The book explores the nutritive medicinal and cultural significance of foods, as well as indicating which parts of each plant or animal are good to eat. There are fifty line drawings, a 21-page index, and a variety of arcane recipes."

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