The United States Navy in WWII

Primary Source Documents

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CNO Wartime Reports to SECNAV
United States Naval Chronology of World War II
"Report on the Navy and the War" published Oct. 12, 1943, by the Office of Public Relations, Navy Dept., for the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs.
"Investigation of Charges that American Naval Vessels are Convoying Ships or Have Destroyed German Navl Vessels" Published 29 July, 1941, by the Senate Committe on Naval Affairs.
"The Decline and Renaissance of the Navy, 1922-1944" (Brief History of Naval Legistlation from 1922 to 1944 Pointing Out the Policy of the Government During These Years and Steps taken in Recent Years to Rebuild Our Navy to its Present Strength.) Published by the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs, June 7, 1944.
The Washington Naval Arms Limitation Treaty of 1922, signed by Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and the United States.
Naval Policy Statements by US Presidents through 1924. (Compiled by Theodore Roosevelt and updated in 1924.)
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The Navy Public Affairs Library fact files on WWII.
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