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Frequently Asked Questions  

General Plant Identification:
Plant identification: where do I start? How do I get help?
What are the most common native trees in North Carolina?
What endangered species are found in North Carolina?
What are the poisonous plants of North Carolina?
How do I identify poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac?

Gardening with wildflowers and native plants:
Where can I find native plants for Southeastern Gardening?
Where can I get recommendations on what to plant?
What can I do to learn more about native plant gardening?

I want to keep some remnants of the natural landscape in my home garden: How do I choose what plants to remove from a natural landscape versus what plants to keep?
Are there problem plants that invade a natural landscape and what can I do about them?

Tree care after construction:
What damages occur to trees from construction?
How do you protect trees during construction?
How do you care for trees if you suspect damage?
(Description of tree biology, root systems and how they are damaged)

Is my soil good for gardening?
How do I get soils tested?
What are some tips for gardening in North Carolina clays?
(Describe soil amendments and methods of incorporating them)

How do I prune? and When is the best time to prune?

Pests and diseases:
How do I identify and get rid of pests and diseases?
(Usually isolated problems that do not need chemicals)
Tree disease / What is common in NC?
How do I identify a pine beetle? What damage do they do?

Tick related problems (how to remove ticks,
what diseases do they cause, what is their habitat?)

Other common garden and landscaping questions:
How do I compost?
How do I control deer effects?

Specialty Gardening:
How do I start a water garden?
What are the best wildflowers to attract butterflies?
How do I start an herb garden?
How do I grow carnivorous plants?
What carnivorous plants are native to North Carolina?

Outdoors in the Triangle Area:
Places to hike and explore nature: Is there a list of NC State Parks?

Contacting gardening resources:
What are County Extension Agents?
Where are the County Extension Agents?

Contacting gardens:
Where can I find a list of North Carolina Public Gardens?

Contacting local and NC conservation groups:
How can I contact the Triangle Land Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy?

Contacting local businesses:
Nurseries, Garden Centers, Tree Care companies

The North Carolina Botanical Garden:
How does one volunteer at the Botanical Garden?
What are the benefits of membership in the Botanical Garden?

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