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Date: 9/26/2004

Folkstreams gets funded!

Our project with Tom Davenport and friends, called, which will put some 50 documentary films on the net for viewing, was just funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Tom and Lara Bailey really worked hard to make this grant happen. The write up of the awards this year from IMLS features as one of the exemplars — out of 44 grantees only 3 are mentioned in the write up. Only two North Carolina institutions were awarded Leadership grants this year and we are one of those two.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science – Chapel Hill, NC – $95,113

2004 National Leadership Grants for Libraries – Preservation or Digitization

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science, in partnership with Folkstreams, Inc., and, will digitize documentary films on American folk culture and provide global access to them on the Web site. The films will be transferred from 16 mm film to Digital Betacam and, along with the videotapes and digital copies, will be preserved in the Southern Folklife Collection. A multimedia Web site demonstration highlighting the skills required for transfers from 16 mm film to digital formats will be created.

Political Bloggers in NYTimes Mag

A wistful almost sad close up look at political bloggers is in today’s NYTimes mag. Among the revelations: Wonkette used to write for when it didn’t suck and she was hired to be the character wonkette. Bloggers like other writers are often not-so-social creatures with axes of various kinds to grind.

But the other thing worth noticing is that the article focuses entirely on Democratic bloggers. The article is pre-Republican convention and definitely pre-Memogate. It shows a blogger-triumphalism of a different kind. Already blogs are being touted as a Conservative tool instead of Liberal one. Did things change so quickly or is our polar political drift going to show more wild swings between left and right as each organizing tool or media outlet gets a moment in the ink or electrons?

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