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Something Necessary coming Fall 2024

From Redhawk Publications

To read Paul Jones is to behold how there is always “still some place deeper, / some place both dark and alive.” In formally versatile, emotionally visceral poems, he immerses us in the body and spirit of the timeless everyday: tomato sandwiches, watermelons, vape shops, graveyards, basketball, grief, memory, friendship, marriage, poverty, flying kites, and Dolly Parton. Throughout it all, we have the natural world: the animal kingdom, the seas, the air, and the ground right in front of us.

In that emphasis on the everyday, his poetry practices the hope that we might at last “be free from the nation of strangers.” His poems do “the work of roots, / how each strand reaches for its neighbor.” That’s the work we should do too, and we’ve got Paul Jones to point the way, take our hand, and walk with, stepping forward together.
Andy Fogle, author of Mother Countries and poetry editor of Salvation South

Paul Jones’ new collection, Something Necessary, transports us to the ordinary, where it aims and presses down like a Fresnel lens to redirect the light, imbued with a beauty that was always thought too small to see, to sailors such as us as we head for port at night. What results in this alphabetically arranged collection is the sweep of days past, of the stories we tell ourselves, how maturity looks back on youth, and how the need for empowering narrative frames memory. The result is a vividly detailed and sweeping collection, at once relatable and wonderfully accessible. Clive James wrote that it is so difficult for a poet to achieve clarity that if he can manage it, it should be his duty never to be any other way. In Something Necessary, Paul Jones summons that lucidity and writes with grace in his bones.

David Rigsbee, Watchman in the Knife Factor, New and Selected Poems

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    Gemini says [but don’t trust it]:

    Something Necessary by Paul Jones: Poems for the Digital Age

    Bridging the binary, Paul Jones’ “Something Necessary” is a captivating collection of poems that explores the human condition in our technology-driven world. Jones, a professor and poet who champions the digital frontier, masterfully blends wit and wonder. His verses navigate the space between the cold logic of machines and the warmth of the human spirit. “Something Necessary” reminds us that even amidst the constant hum of screens, there are essential things that connect us, things that are, after all, Something Necessary.

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