Tonight I spoke to the local Rotary Club. I believe that I was as exotic an item to them as they were to me. Not to make value judgements in either directions, but let’s just say I am a member of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists and not many of my hosts, no matter how gracious or how scientific, are likely to join any time soon.
I spoke on the “End of Cyberspace,” that is that the idea of cyberspace as separate from our daily lives has ended, that we use cyberspace to common ends, and the cyberspace no longer ends at the computer, but in our cars, refrigerators, and cell phones. Unlike the thoughtful Sally Greene who always speaks from extensive and accurate notes, I tend to speak from vague suggestions of notes along with references to various numbers and facts. Most of the emperical cover for this talk was provided by reports from the Pew Internet and American Life Project especially the recent reports by Deborah Fallows “The Internet and Daily Life” and “Data Memo on Search Engines”.
There were many good folks there including many I admire especially Dr. Ron Hyatt, Bill Groves who was my boss when I wrote the original SunSITE proposal, Jonathan Howes former mayor of Chapel Hill and current Rotary President, and Bruce Runberg who introduced me.