Bush’s bulge bothers bloggers, but I too seem to be transmitting. Or so I as told last night.
As Max and I were walking over to the Milosz Commemoration, we first passed sk8rz trying to go off the Manning Hall entry then take a 10 – 12 foot drop onto the brickwalk below. As a father of a son nearly the age of the suicidal sk8rz, I couldn’t stop to watch. But Max lingered.
I came to the crossroads at the center of the quad. There was a little cluster of folks who were looking intently at a woman in black. She in turn had her eyes closed in a sincere manner and her arms held in front of her. In her fists were two loosely held L-shaped metal rods. One in each hand. The rods swung back and forth but then homed in on me as I passed and followed me.
“You’ve got a strong field, man!” one shouted at me.
“Are you wearing a pace-maker?” asked another.
“I am full of artificial parts — none of which you need to know more about” I answered.
“Oh wow” said the woman in black.
I am not sure what that meant.
I pulled out my phone and took this shot so you can see I’m not inventing this story.