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Date: 10/21/2004

Southern Culture on the Skids

Caught Chapel Hill’s best export playing at home outside on a beautiful autumn day at the Johnson Center for Undergraduate Excellence terrace at lunch today. Southern Culture on the Skids was always a trio when I heard them over the past nearly 20 years, but they had an additional guitar today. Bill Ferris, appropriately dressed in his good ole boy outfit, did the introductions and gave out fried chicken when told to do so. Not only was Bill dressed appropriately but as one of the creators/editors of the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture and former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, he was the exact right person to be introducing S.C.O.T.S. The band has long combined humor, musicianship, wild antic rock and roll, and over the top costuming in their quest to elevate and at the same time destroy Southern stereotypes while making the crowds laugh and dance. Wonderful hillbilly surf music. Inspired bosa nova (on House of Bamboo). Smart silliness.
I need to make more of the Thursdays on the Terrace. Next Thursday is Bluesman Cool John Ferguson!
Was good to see our Provost Robert Shelton there among the many good people out. Also got a chance to catch up a little with former local rock drummer and internationally famous William Blake scholar Joe Viscomi.

How to write a successful SlashDot article

  1. Start with a provocative title.
  2. Better if it’s really two topics or more mashed together.
  3. Begin with incendiary and possibly inaccuate sentence.
  4. Use slightly complex syntax.
  5. Then mangle the sentences further.
  6. Link to sites with low bandwidth so they will complain of /. effect.
  7. Link to sites that are non-English or are poor translations from non-English.
  8. Attack some company, country, state or university with an indirect slap.
  9. Perform the slap in a way that posters must explain to each other.
  10. Perform the slap in such a way that the university’s defenders and rivals feel that they must explain it at length.
  11. Include typos. If you leave them out, /. editors will introduce them for you.
  12. End by asking for posters input.
  13. Including puns will do no good with posters or editors as /.ers rarely notice them. You should try a few any way for your own amusement.

True Fame Achieved!

My posting to Slashdot based on the Godzilla entry in this blog was accepted and has already generated well over 100 inane comments. Of course, I used a catchier title: Godless Godzilla and Godzilla at 50.
You may carve that on my tombstone using the appropriately mangled grammar and spelling for which /. posters and commentors are famous.

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