Enter any URL into the field on this page from Excite Japan and that page will appear translated into Japanese. Just like this. Then in true Babblefish fashion, we translate it back to Engish of a sort.
But Google is not to be left behind. Korean, Japanese and Chinese are all in beta at http://translate.google.com/
Here’s the Google/Babblefish version of the same thing going to Japanese.
And back to English of a sort. [still trying to get this automated]
Starting from Excite to Japanese then back to English via Google, we get this.
You be the judge.

実際のポール・ジョーンズ from Excite
実質のポールジョーンズ from Google/Babblefish
実質のポールジョーンズ from WorldLingo Translator (thanks id)

Thanks to Nassib for making me aware of the Excite translator.