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Date: 12/16/2004

Where would you like to go – FireFox ad in NYTimes

I opened this morning’s NYTimes to see a giant two page spread on FireFox as long promised. The Mozilla project was counted down several times by many people including some of those who started it, but since the lizard and his offspring have florished and grown to the world’s best browser. Yes I’m using it to type this now.

13000 votes lost in Gaston County NC

Elections officials in Gaston County, NC resigned after having lost over 13,000 votes or 1 in 5 votes cast in that county, reports the News and Observer.

“Sandra Page, elections director, and Tony Branch, chairman of the elections board, resigned Wednesday following a closed-door meeting of the board.”

Still waiting to hear from Carterett County and others.

Battling Comment Spam

It’s sad to have to spend time on this. Spambots are not only email pains but they are blog bothers too. Every day I get a number of comments sprayed at this blog. Luckily I have spam words alerted to them, but I still have to go through and clean them out. I will never play texas hold’em ever ever ever.
Besides turning on Spam words and tuning the list to catch the latest, there are a few tricks that I do not yet use but plan to.
This discussion is very helpful as is as is AuthImage (thanks to Daryl L. L. Houston for pointing that one out).

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