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Date: 12/17/2004

Anton Zuiker and Vanuatu

Anton Zuiker returned to school after some time in the Peace Corps spent on a tropical Pacific island in Vanuatu. Luckily for me, he came to UNC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication to study Medical Journalismand to get evangelize for blogging.
Anton was in my first Virtual Communities class where he presented the work he had done on his family blog/website the Zuiker Chronicles.

All of that is a lead-in to saying that Anton has a nice article on paper in this week’s Independent in the Front Porch feature about Survivor and Surviving in Vanuatu.

Elvis SOLD by Lisa Marie

I am holding back on the Scientologist jokes and the Michael Jackson jokes as I write this.

Here’s the scoop: Scientologist, Michael Jackon ex-wife, Elvis heir, recovering drug addict and rock star impersonator Lisa Marie Presley is selling her father. Not his body, which if he is really dead, is buried on the one bit of the EPE holdings that Lisa Marie will keep. That is the 13 acre Graceland. But almost everything else. Even though the estate brought in over $45 million last year and even though Elvis is the top earner among dead celebrities according to Forbes, Lisa Marie is selling 85% of EPE for only $100 million! There’s more in the AP report on Salon. and in Forbes.

Those of us who have seen Bubba Hotep know the true fate of Elvis (and of JFK)>

Fried Mars Bars and more in the cooker

I may have seen fried Mars bars, sold as Milky Way in the US, in Edinburgh, but one thing is for sure there was a lot of frying going on in those pubs and takeouts. For some reason, it took a mention on Jay Leno’s show to send health officials out looking for candy friers. The health scientists verified that 1 in 5 fish and chips shops fry Mars bars. Batter ’em up. Drop ’em in. Sell ’em for 70 p. Reported somewhat sensationally by the nearly unbelieving Times. Also covered by the BBC.
Miles, we missed this treat whilst in Scotland. But you can try this at home.

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