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Date: 1/9/2005

When radio was an interactive medium

NC native novelist, Michael Parker reminds me of the time when Raleigh radio was regional and interactive. In his essay “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way” published in today’s NYTimes Magazine, Michael brings back memories of the Ask Your Neighbor show on WPTF (I think). Ask Your Neighbor was at once local, regional and national. National in the sense that there were versions of AYN all across the country. The one in Detroit continues after 43 years!

Rose on WUNC; community blog in Johnston County

News and Observer has a nice very brief piece on WUNC radio and General Manager Joan Siefert Rose by Danny Hooley in their Lifestyles Section today. Part of the story is Joan’s direction to make the content of WUNC more available to a national audience (ala Minnesota Public Radio or Michigan say). Amongst the changes in that direction is the hiring of a Business and a Health reporter (hope that they give a boost to those two programs in the J-School here). This spring, WUNC will become the southeastern bureau for the national program “Marketplace.”
Two other projects will be a youth voice radio and an indepth look at poverty in North Carolina; both are scheduled to begin this spring.

We all know and love, although with some reservations, here in Orange County. NandO also has a story on a community blog in Johnston County called It’s not really a blog, but it is a discussion board setup that allows — for better or worse — anonymous postings and spirited threaded discussions. Already the regular complaints and compliments are being aired in the report, but amusing to see another view of community blogging.

Larry Leaves; Philly gains

Larry amongst the Stacks

Larry Alford is leaving UNC’s Libraries after 30+ years there. Any one who has had the pleasure of working with Larry understands what a loss this is to the UNC community and what a great gain Larry’s move to Philly and to Temple will be. One does not make an appointment with Mr. Alford or with Larry Alford. One makes an appointment with Larry. There is no other Larry.

I wish him the very best and we all will miss him. There is little, if anything, that has to do with the Academic Libraries that has not felt Larry’s intelligent touch.

In related news, Herald Sun copyeditors implicitly accuse UNC of breaking child labor laws. “New chapter for librarian: Alford, 45, to lead Temple Univserity’s system” says the headline. Larry may look and feel 45, but he is 54. If he had started in the Libraries at age 15 or less… The great pictures of Larry do make him look as young as he probably feels.

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