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Date: 1/12/2005

No Bojangles tomorrow

UNC scored a mere 91 points to Georgia Tech’s 69 tonight. Sloppy play with lots of turnovers due to great pressure from the Yellow Jacket defense will result in a general drop in sausage consumption across North Carolina tomorrow. The Tar Heels left us 9 points shy of the sausage biscuit special.
Not expecting a Bojangles day after the Wake Forest game on Saturday. The Deacons just dispatched Maryland 81 – 66.

Juan Lopes?

If poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names, then we would have this to live with.

I obviously need a longer name, but Dylan Thomas seems to come out well with “Halt, Dynamos” and the poem with that title is pretty witty too. And H.D. comes up fine with her “DH.” Maybe Juan Lopes will work out somehow.

I blame the Warren Wilson Alum list for this one in particular Paula Szuchman of the Wall Street Journal.

Dylan Thomas Random Poetry Generator

The title tells it all. Great national poetry parody from Wales in the form of the Dylan Thomas Random Poetry Generator.

A sample:

And finally he goes missing
Into the lightgrey tides,
Waiting while they cover
Heartily in the lazy-loving blush

And lazily the salmon of the birds
Dance hazily in praise of the bird
Burning while they walk
Mildly into the sixpenny cobblestreets

I blame Simon for telling me about this wonderful time waster.

Suspicion, Isolation and Rigidity

For sometime now a member of a library staff has told me that Suspicion, Isolation and Rigidity were the three pillars of his department. They have been the pillars of any unhappy place I’ve worked as well. I’m happy now but I want to remember them.
Does this ring true with you?

Internet helps close the Knowledge Gap

Just back from a great dissertation defense of Deb Procopio’s work on the Internet and the Knowledge Gap. One important finding (I gave my copy with makes on it back the Dr. Procopio so I’m working from memory) is that Internet use works aggressively to close the Knowledge Gap of Lower Socio-Economic Status (called SES in the trade) people. Internet use doesn’t just move up everyone’s knowledge equally although it does move everyone up. But it demonstrably and significantly helps out citizens of lower SES. Dr. Procopio worked with some large datasets from the Knight Foundation surveys covering several years and several communities and her findings were consistant throughout.
Look for more about this.

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