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Date: 1/13/2005

Telling (bad) Lawyer Jokes Leads to Arrest

Jokesters or Activists?
I rarely repost from Slashdot, but I confess that’s the way I found this story which was originally reported in NewsDay. Two older guys standing in line at the First District Court in Hempstead, NY were telling Lawyer jokes — all of which you’ve heard before (especially if you are married to a lawyer as I am).
The punch line is that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

But others wonder if another punch was involved:

The men are founders of Americans for Legal Reform, a group of outspoken advocates who use confrontational tactics to push for greater access to courts for the public and to monitor how well courts serve the public. One tactic is driving a truck around the Huntington area emblazoned with the slogan “Stop The Lawyer Disease.”

In an update, NewsDay reports that radical lawyer and talk show host Ron Kuby will be defending the jokesters.

TriBlogCon: New Venue! Murphey Hall

The Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005 has outgrown the room we had reserved in Carroll Hall. I’ve secured the newly renovated auditorium in Murphey Hall nearby known as MU116. This is the Classics Department building so it comes complete with Ashcroft-offending statues at the entrance to the room. Tasteful, classic and partically clothed. The room has comfortable seating, plenty of technology and wireless access.
So the new info is:

Saturday, February 12
9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Murphy Hall 116
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Wirelessness redundant!

On page 7A of today’s News and Observer, Nextel has a full page advert for their wireless service. The irony is that the area pictured in the advert is the lawn of Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. Memsy Price, a Nortel marketer, who is pictured in the advert doesn’t need Nextel to get internet access while at Weaver Street.
At least two wireless quilts cover the Weaver Street lawn. The first is completely free and open to all. It’s provided by Weaver Street as part of the Town of Carrboro’s wireless blanket.
The second comes from the UNC offices in the same building as Weaver Street Market (just upstairs). That network is restricted to UNC faculty, students and staff. But that group is a pretty significant part of the Weaver Street community.
To be fair to Nextel, they have very wide coverage in this area if their maps are an accurate guide, but the advert selling Carrboro as the reason to have their wireless plan is funny to me and a bit wrong.

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