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Date: 2/2/2005

Chris Abani at NCSU March 27th

South African friend, Andie Miller, writes to say that one of her favorite poets, Nigerian Chris Abani author of “Graceland” (a new novel which has just been shortlisted for the Africa region Best Book Award of The Commonwealth Writer’s Prize) and others, will be the keynote speaker at NCSU’s Human Rights Week on March 27th. Nothing yet on the NCSU website, but it’s listed at Abani’s site.
You can hear Abani on the March 22, 2004 show at the Cat Radio Cafe, which has a number of other really interesting shows with great writers.

Voiceless captive

not yet captured Cody
Several news outlets including AP reported an Amercian taken hostage in Iraq and showed his picture.

Within a few hours, the hostage was revealed to be Special Ops Cody, a doll err action figure.

Not to make fun of anyone who has actually been captured or maimed or killed. But to point to the increasely odd nature of news, the war and the web.

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