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Date: 2/13/2005

News and Record visit

[to be filled in later]
Visit with Dan Gillmor to the News and Record. Escorted by Ed Cone, we meet with a good number of the N-R staff lead by John Robinson and a fair number of G’boro bloggers including a reconnection with Dave Wharton who is now a Classics Prof at UNC-G and a blogger.
More on the very interesting Town Square idea that N-R is working to develope, etc later.
[to sleep perchance to dream]

Jones-mania in NandO

So the News and Observer didn’t cover the Triangle Bloggers Conference (that I can see) despite the 150 folks showing up (see conference blogging notes — they are all over now). Great feedback and surprising folks. Who knew that Henry Copeland lived here now (he of blogads) or Blog for America‘s Matthew Gross — just for starters.

But the News and Observer did take about 1/2 a page and dedicate it to my Valentine’s poem, Unapproachable Edens, in the Sunday Reader section.
The online version doesn’t preserve the stanza breaks so I made an improved version (the copyeditor in me insists on it being right).

Conis = Jones

For dinner last night, some of us from the the Triangle Bloggers Conference went to a great Turkish restaraunt in town called Tallula’s. I had made reservations in advance (you have to and still you are likely to wait a while). The person taking my reservation asked me to spell my name. I did.
When we got there, we had no reservation! But someone did named “Conis” and that person had my same phone number.
I reminded myself that Turkish is a phonic language. The C in Turkish is closest to our J. Made sense to me, but the hostess was confused. “I am “Conis” and you can call the number and I will answer.”
We had a great window seat.

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