As I was walking down the street after having visited with my ole poet buddy, Ann Deagon, I passed the Number One Chapel Hill Downtown Eyesore. The Wicked Burrito was not a great place when it opened. The outside paint job was ugly, tacky and unappealing. But then the place was abandoned by the chain that owns it. It sat idle and fading and breaking with rusting iron rails for years.
The owners, Lone Star Steak House and Salon [STAR], refused to relet the building prefering to let it sit and decay.
faded wicked glory
Finally the Town took notice and various threats were made.
But today the owners took action. The building (a former gas station in better times) was surrounded by painters.
I struck up a conversation and learned that the poor painters had spent the morning matching the old tacky multi-color paint job. This afternoon they start stripping and painting. Soon instead of fading decaying tackiness, we will have bright and shiny tackiness.
I am trying to decide which is worse. I guess it won’t just be conjecture soon. I’ll be able to compare the two choices.