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Date: 3/2/2005

A Dozen Years of ibiblio

Looking back for new ideas and successes that happened at sunsite/metalab/ibiblio. You can add your own and/or correct me.

1992 – sunsite begun with a goal 10,000 downloads a month; we exceeded that in 2 days before we were officially announced.
Linux Software Archive begun (still ongoing). WebMuseum joined sunsite (still ongoing).
Tim Berners-Lee drops by and we set up a WWW server, one of the first in the US and likely the first outside high energy physics.

1993 – Presidential Archives work with Clinton White House using WAIS.
Linux Documentation Project begun (still on going).
Dr. Fun, first daily cartoon on the Web, begun (still ongoing). CEARCH (Cisco Educational Archive) started to provide information about networking in education.

1994 – WXYC first live 7/24 radio simulcast on the Net (still ongoing).
Virtual Shtetl, the first known Yiddish site on the Web (still ongoing).
Internet Poetry Archive begun with Nobel Prize winner Czslaw Milosz’s contribution in English and in Polish, in audio and in text (still ongoing).

1995 – Henriette’s herbal page is one of the oldest herb sites on the web (still ongoing).
Invited presentation to President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter at The Carter Presidential Library on digital Presidential Library futures.

1996 – “Documenting the American South” begun with first person narratives by enslaved people in the Amercian South (still ongoing).

1997 – Roger McGuinn’s FolkDen joins sunsite and changes to streaming formats for his audio collection (begun in 1995 and still ongoing).
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy comes to ibiblio. First of dozens of Tibetan-owned sites on ibiblio (still ongoing).

1998 – Nobel prizewinner Aung San Suu Kyi ‘s videotaped address on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (smuggled out from her house in Rangoon where she’d been detained for a decade) made available on sunsite.
Sunsite becomes MetaLab. 50 million files served in the month of October 1998.

1999 – Open Book Project begun (still ongoing).
Presidency Research Group and Pew Charitable Trusts establish web resources to assist the 2001 Presidential transition. (still active Served two presidential transitions and nine emerging democracies.

2000 – MetaLab becomes ibiblio with large gift from Center for the Public Domain.
Afro-Louisiana Slave Database by Gwendolyn Menlo Hall made available (still ongoing).

2001 – Interactive Native American Archaeology Project, Excavating Occaneechi Town, made available online for the first time (still ongoing).

2002 – VolunteerTibet officially launched its service on December 10th, 2002, commemorating the date His Holiness the Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize (still ongoing).
Mental Health Association in Durham County (NC) founded and joins ibiblio (still ongoing).
A Living Stage: Reflections from South Africa Music and storytellers from the 2002 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa.
www+ftp traffic now averages 3 million files/day.
Data flow averages 150 Mbs.

2003 – Khawa Karpo-Tibet Culture Centre (KKTCC), Dharamsala joins ibiblio (still ongoing).
GrokLaw: Digging for truth: the law and the facts with regard to Free and Open Source Software joins ibiblio (still ongoing). Jessamyn West’s library themed weblog of interest to rarin’ librarians and other information junkies joins ibiblio (still ongoing).

2004 – www+ftp traffic now averages over 10 million files/day. Data flow averages 250 Mbs.
NASA Educational Video added (still ongoing).
WCPE and WXYC become the first simulcast radio stations on Internet2 usingIPv6.
Institute for Museum and Library Services awards ibiblio and grant for digitization of documentaries on American folk cultures.

2005 – www+ftp traffic now averages over 13 million files/day.
Data flow averages 350 – 400 Mbs.

Jessamyn West to Spring here

Jessamyn West, and an official blogger at the Democratic National Convention, will be visiting us on the Vernal Equinox (March 21).
Jessamyn is also the co-editor of Revolting Librarians Redux.
She’ll be talking about the Information Commons,, blogging the DemoCon, and whatever else her little ole heart desires.
Public talk at 3:30 3/21.
More on this as the date approaches.

Adding podcasting to wordpress

Bret and TJ are looking at adding a regular podcast to the ibiblio blog and to Bret’s irondog chronicles. Supposedly the support is in WP 1.5, but so far it looks like the way to get an enclosure is to create a custom field. Surely there is a better way.

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