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Date: 3/20/2005

Jessamyn West at UNC Tomorrow!


Jessamyn's got the answers
Who:’s rarin’ librarian Jessamyn West
When: Monday March 21 2:00 (Vernal Equinox)
Where: Freedom Forum Conference Center, 3rd floor, Carroll Hall
What: Postcards from the Other Edge of the Digital Divide. Political Choices and the Information Poor

About the talk: While we read blogs, tag content and swap lifehacks, people in rural areas are still learning to type. Public libraries are making many more technological choices just to provide basic information and Internet resources nowadays, yet the paradigm for learning to work well with technology differs dramatically from learning to work well with books. Jessamyn West will be talking about being a tech-savvy librarian in a profession struggling into the 21st Century.

More about Jessamyn West:
Jessamyn West is wrapping up her job as an outreach librarian at a rural public library in Vermont. She has worked in public, special and college libraries and done stints of on-the-fly reference at Burning Man, the WTO and the Democratic National Convention. She has maintained, a weblog for radical librarians and other interested parties, since 1999. She is fascinated by the intersection of technology, the public sphere and politics.

In Bloom for Spring

Spring in NC is solidly here. Everyone is out walking — until the games start. We took our walk down to the Botanical Gardens. Just a little hike through our neighborhood. Then a brief walk along the stream trails to see what’s in bloom.
The American Trout Lilies are incredible and everywhere. A few Trilliums are mixed in with the lilies. The trilliums that we saw all had dark red to purple blooms; these are the trilliums know as toadshade or Little Sweet Betsy. Dark tight flowers rising out of the mottled triple leaf.
Now on to basketball!

Is That Legal? War on Freedom of Information

Sally, blogging for Eric Muller at, reports on the FOI restrictions as interfered with Dan Carter’s work on his bio of George Wallace and his book on the Scottsboro Boys. Carter goes on to talk about increasing restrictions on public record access (as described by Sally).
Then Sally notes a story in today’s paper. Legislation has been proposed to allow a town to sue its citizens who ask for public records. All the town would need do is assert that those records are not public afterall. Talk about a chilling effect.

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