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Date: 3/22/2005

John Edwards Podcast 1 released

As previously announced, John Edwards has started releasing podcasts. This one [xml] recorded not far from ibiblio over at the School of Government here at UNC. Wonkette has a bit about the podcast and announcement.

Robert Hass at UNC

Went over to hear Robert Hass (don’t be an ass; it’s pronounced Hass) read his poetry as part of the Morgan Series. Hass read new poetry which has not yet been collected. Several of note including tributes to Milosz (Hass worked with Milosz on translations for about 20 years) and to influences including Pound (whose politics are the polar opposite of Hass’ own). Hass ended his reading with a prose poem, currently called POEM, (slightly reminicent of “Pascal Lamb”) that included Viet Nam and Iraq and aerial bombardment and the shift over the 20th century from army deaths (90% in the first 20 years of the 20th century according to Hass) to civilian deaths (90% in the last 20 years of the 20th century according to Hass).

Pam Samuelson at Duke Thursday

Jennifer Jenkins of Duke Law’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain sends us this announcement:

Professor Pamela Samuelson, an extremely influential expert on intellectual property in the information age, will be delivering the annual Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property at Duke Law School this Thursday, March 24, at 12:10. You are invited to attend. Details are below.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who may be interested in attending.

Professor Pamela Samuelson of the University of California at Berkeley

Enriching Discourse on the Public Domain

Date: 03/24/2005 Time: 12:10pm Location: Duke Law School, Room 3041 Reception to follow

Pamela Samuelson is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Pamela Samuelson is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, with joint appointments to the School of Information Management Systems and the School of Law, where she is a Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. An internationally renowned expert on intellectual property in the information age, she teaches in the areas of intellectual property, cyberlaw and information policy, and has written extensively about the challenges that new information technologies pose for legal regimes, especially for intellectual property law. Professor Samuelson is an advisor for the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is a Fellow of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property is a lecture series that was established in 2000 by Duke Law School alumnus Kip Frey ’85 and his wife, Meredith, to increase discussion about emerging issues in the areas of intellectual property, cyberspace, and science and technology law. Noted intellectual property law scholars Lewis Branscomb, the Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management emeritus at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Stanford University, and Yochai Benkler, professor of law at New York University, delivered previous lectures in this series.

Living in Revelations

Enjoying “The Angel that Stands By Me” about visionary artist Minne Evans (from

West-ern Culture

Spent yesterday with Jessamyn West. She spoke to my class of graduating seniors and later to a larger group of mostly grad students and faculty. The slides from her talks are online and have some links that she didn’t have time to follow during the talks.
Jeff Pomerantz’s class came over to the later class and Jeff has some good notes on that talk on his blog.
Locked in the Library
Jessamyn and I took a quick tour of some of the collections in Wilson Library including the North Carolina Collection, the Rare Book Room and the North Carolina Gallery. In the Gallery, Keeper Neil Fulghum gave us a tour of the collections and restored rooms, especially the private library from the Hayes Plantation once the largest private library in the state (in the late 1800s). We were so caught up the talk and in the presentation of the Siamese Twins, Eng and Chang Bunker, that we ended up locked inside the building! We were not alone. University Librarian Sarah Michalak and two visitors as well as a family touring the campus were stuck there with us. Luckily the Keeper appeared and didn’t keep us there.

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