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Date: 3/26/2005

Cool Macroinvertebrates

The water temperature was higher then the air temperature and the Eno River was running very high on the banks when I went down to help our friend, Sylvia, and her family do the quarterly River Watch today. The air temperature was cool for the last week in March in NC–only in the high 40s. That made dipping in the water less warm than back in December at the last watch!
Nevertheless, I managed to catch more crawfish than in December and we all found river pennys, dragon fly nymphs, may fly larvae, black fly larvae and, holding on in the rushing water, was a nice collection of snails. This shows us that the river is feeling fine although very cool.

OrphanWorks (and Duke Law)

Duke CSPD Proposal Cover
James Boyle write to tell us all about Duke Law’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain and their part in the presentations to the Library of Congress on Orphan Works and Orphan Films

I wrote about the problems of orphan works earlier by posting a note from Larry Lessig about it.

Jamie says:

Anyway, we put together a report for the copyright office on orphan films, and another on orphan works — For both of them we interviewed people around the country on their experiences.? Some amazing stories came out of that, and the orphan films research is tragic? At the end of the orphan works report, we offer a proposal to fix the problem.

The two Duke reports are in PDF, but have a good introduction to each of the two CSPD reports.

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