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Date: 3/31/2005

Top Secret ibiblio project to be revealed

Some time in the next few hours, at least before tomorrow noon, the ibiblio team will be revealing a special top secret project that will make the Makers at MIT insanely jealous, that will help Dave Winer in his quest to lose weight, that will compete with Doc Searls for having the best collective knowledge of net.goingson, that will help NC State and Duke forget their NCAA loses, that will put shine on Howard Rheingold’s shoes, that will double the value of Tim O’Reilly’s backlist, that will make a preacher lay his Bible down, that will make a coon dog hung a hound, that will complete Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive, that will be of course under Creative Commons license, that will help Jessamyn West tolerate overdue books, that will combine the Cathedral AND the Bazaar and the Bizarre, that will allow Larry Lessig to wear a color other than black, that will allow Jamie Boyle to speak with a Southern Drawl, that will give Eben Moglen a close shave, that will make John Hood approve of public transportation, that will allow Douglas Rushkoff to drink a can of Sprite without irony, that will turn Boing Boing into something serious and Cory Doctorow into a long haired poet, that will allow Pamela Jones to see the upsides of the SCO claims, that will fill in the large blank spots in Roblimo’s blog, that will make the perfect SlashDot post, that will get the attention.xml of Steve Gillmor, what will get down to the grassroots with Dan Gillmor, that will help Jeff Pomerantz find the next highest prime number, that will reveal Glenn Otis Brown‘s biggest secret, that will put hair back on Bob Young‘s head (so he can quit wearing so many hats, [more later]

UPDATE Bloggy is here! or see the post above. After April 1, find Bloggy here.

Full Frame Festival and Panels (April 7 – 10)

Full Frame Festival logo
Laurie Racine, President of the Full Frame Documentary Festival which is upcoming April 7 – 10, writes to alert us and to invite us to several panels of interest at the Festival.

Some information is on the Festival site, but more specifically there are three flyers (decribed and linked below), grouping the panels by area of interest:

  1. IP and first amendment [PDF poster]
    • Friday 10 am – Intellectual Property: New Rules
    • Saturday 11 am – Speak Out: Risky Business
  2. distribution and the film industry [PDF poster]
    • Sat 9 am – 3 Billion Films: A workshop onf subtitling technology
    • Fri 2:15 pm – Film Distributors: Finding the one that’s right for you
    • Fri 12 pm – TV Broadcasters: Finding the one that’s right for you
  3. filmmaking [PDF poster]
    • Fri 4:40 pm – Heyday: The reality of theatrical success
    • Sat 1:45 pm – Soul of the Story: filmmakers and their personal journeys
    • Sun 9:30 am – Kultur/Culture: The Turkish American Exchange Project

[further details and additional panels here]

Variable Google Fights

Doc writes that he is amazed to see Tony Pierce win over Instapundit in a GoogleFight. But Tony and Instapundit have nothing on Paul Jones. We collectively chalk up from 10 million to over 12.2 million GoogleFight points depending on when you search (in fact our score could be higher). As a big winner, I’m not whining, but a difference of 20% is great.

I just got that difference in two searches back to back. Paul Jones v. ibiblio yields 10 million v. 1.5 million. Paul Jones v. George Bush yields 12.2 million v. 17 million.
Note that ibiblio bests Doc Searls and Instapundit but not Tony Pierce. Interestingly enough, ibiblio scores 1,570,000 when fighting Tony Pierce and 1,640,000 when against Instapundit.

One further note: A regular Google search for Paul Jones yields about 15,200,000 entries (March 31 at 8 am EST) and a search for ibiblio yields about 1,700,000.

No consistancy here.

UPDATE: Tony Pierce admits defeat to Paul Jones in GoogleFights even as he praises Motley Crue (which explains something about why he loses GoogleFights; Paul Joneses are all better musicians!).

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