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Date: 4/14/2005

The Onion at UNC and Bryan Tucker

Judd Knott’s son-in-law Bryan Tucker who writes for the Chapelle Show and for Chris Rock is in town for the UNC Comedy Festival.
Most if not all events are restricted to students (and that’s not funny). Tonight, Joe Garden and Peter Koechley of the Onion will be doing their funny thing in Hamilton 100 at 7:30 pm.

Testing MP4 streams – Folkstreams

Angel that stands by me
I need your help. We’ve encoded a lot of films in MP4 for streaming — usually your QuickTime player will play the streams whilst embedded in your browser. If you could try streaming the documentary about Wilmington visionary artist Minnie Evans called “The Angel That Stands By Me” or “Give My Poor Heart Ease: Mississippi Delta Bluesmen” featuring BB King then let me know if you get a good smooth stream, the size of the picture, and any quality issues, I’d appreciate it.
If you have difficulties, could you also try streaming “Self Preservation In An Atomic Attack” from the Prelinger Archives at and let me know if that movie is handled differently.
Much thanks and enjoy the movies.

Who He Met At The Card Catalogue And What Happened Next

Andie Miller, who is always alert for things literary and South African, lets us in on a wonderful story from Texas (from the Senior Seminar of Jerome Bump) by Will McDonald called, “Conversations between a Plan II Freshman and J.M. Coetzee”.
Inventive and even Coetzee-ian.

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