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Date: 4/22/2005

Boyle = de Lancie?

John Reuning asks: Is James Boyle really John de Lancie aka Q of Star Trek?

Boyle with hatde Lancie as Q

You be the judge.

Meyer and Gillmor in the Economist

In an ongoing in North Carolina invasion of Britain, Phil Meyer appears in today’s Economist (just as Jamie Boyle is in the Financial Times). Phil is quoted, his book cited and props given.
Recent visitor, Dan Gillmor also gets star treatment in the same article, “The Future of Journalism: Yesterday’s Papers,” which asks or rathers tells us what Rupert Murdock told US editors last week, the business of news is changing drastically.
Also mentioned blogs, podcasting, wikis — the usual technological suspects.

Boyle points out Stoopidity

Neighbor and dapper chappeau sporting Duke prof, Jamie Boyle, has a great brief piece in the Financial Times today. “Deconstructing stupidity” lays it all out on the major themes of Intellectual Property which Boyle considers as dumb as the flat-earth theory. Boyle puts the subtle point on topics quickly and practically.

Luv 2 Blog

A friend who blogs anonymously handed me a stickie note tag from a pad she hides in her desk. I guess blogging is completely mainstream when the word is on stickie note tags in the remainer bin at the Dollar Tree along with last year’s Pokemon figures.

Email Makes You Stooopid

Email is worse that pot! A British study commissioned by Hewlett Packard shows an average drop in IQ of 10 points by heavy email users compared to only a 4 point mean drop by cannabis users, reports the Guardian (UK).

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