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Date: 5/13/2005

Dear NandO: Trackback, Please

The News and Observer has a blogwatch that features some very interesting posts by local bloggers, but they don’t use Trackbacks so if they refer to your post you don’t know it. They have things half right.

Google Accelerator: put on the brakes, stay out of clutches

WebAccelerator logo
The long, heated and open debate about the Google Web Accelerator seems to have slowed down. The Register, in their lovely snippy and witty way, covers the story as “Google puts the brake on Web Accelerator.” The lead: “Google has disabled downloads of its Web Accelerator software less than a week after introducing the service. The suspension follows reports that the software was caching sensitive content, such as user control panels to online forums.”
However Google says:
“Thank you for your interest in Google Web Accelerator. We have currently reached our maximum capacity of users and are actively working to increase the number of users we can support.”
More from the Google side of things at their FAQ. And from the blogosphere via Technorati. Dan Gillmor covered the problems a bit a week or so ago.

Yes Men Update / DowEthics /etc

I’m in a faculty retreat all day today. Whilst I’m out, here are some selections from the latest news letter from the Yes Men with updates on activities around their DowEthics site, how Dow VP for Acceptable Risk™, Erastus Hamm, explained the value of human life and acceptable risk to the International Payments 2005 Conference in London (includes video), how the State Department uses DowEthics, the Yes Men visit the Dow Shareholders Conference and more.

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