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Date: 6/1/2005

I miss Max Headroom

Max Headroom
I was trying to explain Max Headroom without success the other day. Then as these things happen I start seeing his image everywhere. The last over on Chris Anderson’s Long Tail blog in an article that warns against “Headism” or being obcessed with the head of the power curve instead of paying attention to the tail, the long tail of course, whenever appropriate.

Zik-Zak… We make everything you need and you need everything we make.

NYTimes: Krugman vs Okrent slugfest

Dan Gillmor points us to a dispute that won’t die. Retiring Times Public
Editor Dan Okrent took some potshots (some would say cheap shots) and
Opinionist Paul Krugman in his final column, but the (more interesting)
battle rages on online in the Times Forum where the two continue theire
grudge match in fine style.

Would have made lively newspaper reading, but will it ever see ink or will
it remain lively electrons?

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