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Date: 6/3/2005

John Edwards – video blog

Is there no end to the variety of ways that John Edwards will use to reach us with his message? I hope not. He blogs, he podcasts, he guest blogs at Talking Points Memo, and now he video blogs. And unlike some politicians, he seems to be having fun communicating with people. Every time I visit his One America site, I’m pleasantly surprised. Only one complaint — home page generated by asp (windows active server pages).

ibiblio in 30 Seconds

If we are announced as winners of the Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award, I’m supposed to give a 30 second thank you speech. In theory, this is simple. But in practice, we have a few problems. First, as a college professor I never speak for less than 50 minutes so we’re cutting by a factor of 100. Next, we’re covering over 12 years of sunsite/metalab/ibiblio in which many many good folks helped out even if they were here for a very brief time. Third, we have over 1500 contributors; many of these folks could have won the Award entirely on their own. Fourth, we’ve had great partners who gave and still give us hardware, software and support — most notably over time Sun Microsystems and The Center for the Public Domain and IBM.
Can I say all of that and be amusing too?
Yes I asked for an extension (only good in the case of our winning of course) and got an additional second.

The future from 1956

Set for sales in 1956 when the future was consumed by promises of consumerism where the men announce the cars whilst the women announce the costumes (including silk casuals), where the dream trip to the motorama is interupted by a visit to the kitchen of tomorrow, where the mildly erotic Dance to the Future celebrates a cake having been cooked, where the Firebird is a turbo-electric spaceship like car is designed for the electric highway — “Design for Living” from the Prelinger Archives. Get your future on!
Having Danced to the Future Shadows of 1958 Dancing for Kitchen Improvement Balloons for the Touch of Magic

Note the phone in this Populuxe tribute to the American Look. (and see article below).

Wilbur the hipster yet balding cherub uses his wireless phone to talk to his boss in heaven in “Once Upon a Honeymoon” while trying to help Mary and Jeff, who’s honeymoon is delayed. Mary interestlingly enough doesn’t pine over the honeymoon, but moons instead over her kitchen. Her house is magically redone to include colored phones and in the bedroom — twin beds separated by a telephone table. Then Jeff is inspired by a busy signal to compose a new song freeing him from a work assignment so he can go on their honeymoon — a year late.

Prelinger has many more films on the American Look and the Future from the 1950s from Populuxe.

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