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Date: 6/16/2005

HNN and Vanke go down the Memory Hole

Jeff Vanke writes of his experience using the Le Beau speech at the History News Network. TurnItIn found both West and Russell borrowings AND turned it in to UMKC who immediately contacted Vanke to ask how he managed to get a copy. Since UMKC has removed the speech from the net. Google cache of course is still good as I explain below in an earlier post. I’m not sure for how much longer though.

But for historical purposes, many of us have kept copies to use in class when we discuss plagiarism.

When I was travelling in Russia with PR Prof Larry Lamb, I would hear him tell classes over and over that the best PR plan is not to duck, hide, or deny. But to own the problem immediately, take proper responsibility, consider the image of your brand in the circumstances and do more than is required, and never to destroy evidence that people have already seen. You only look more guilty.

Libraries regain privacy from PATRIOT Act

If the House has its way, the PATRIOT Act provisions dealing the library and bookstore records will be rolled back, reports CNN. [some thoughts after I absorb some of this]

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