Just back from recording about an hour interview with DG Martin out at WCHL. We talked about ibiblio (what else?) and I think covered a good number of topics — internet radio (at some length), Project Gutenberg (one of DG’s favorite sites on the net), folkstreams.net, Documenting the American South, even World Tibet Day (July 3) and ibiblio in general.

The show will run at 6 pm and at 10 pm (tonight?). WCHL is 1360 AM and not streamed on the internet so unless DG adds it to his archive, you’ll have to catch it as it’s aired (so will I).

When I walked in the building, I was met by a placard saying “Welcome to VilCom Center – Paul Jones” That was a nice surprise. Then in leaving, I ran into my old friend, Jane Tyndall, and at coffee before the interview into Melva Okun who works with NC Prevention Partners in the same building.