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Date: 7/4/2005

4th at the Eno

Sally, Tucker and I went out to the Fourth of July at the Eno early hoping to beat the heat. Most of the day was cooler, in the 80s, and a little overcast. None of the promised or threatened thunder storms scattered themselves our way luckily. Mostly we wandered round the booths. We did catch the last of the Malpass Family and all of the Polecat Creek session on the Meadow Stage. The Cats sing old school country — Carter Family, Louvin Brothers, etc and sound pretty good. It was getting hot by then.
We had a diverse lunch. Tucker eating a Polish sausage. Sally having fried veggies and dip. And I had Jamacian jerk chicken.
Representative David Price read the Declaration of Independence and the crowd responded with applause at appropriate phrases.
For an election year, the selection of local politicians on stage was sparse. Sally was the sole member of the Chapel Hill Town Council to appear. Everyone from Carrboro must have been celebrating there. Hillsborough was represented by Mike Gering who is I believe up for election this fall.

Gladstone corrects NYTimes

Earlier I wrote about how the NYTimes reported that the way you write or type wires your brain and changes the ways that you think as well as ho you express yourself. Now on the the main sources for the article has posted a comment here telling us that she and another source were badly misquoted.
Kate Gladstone [warning corny music on her site] writes:

The NEW YORK TIMES misquoted me (it also misquoted a colleague, in some even more serious ways). One needs to write 100 legible *letters* (not words!) per minute in order to keep up with the speed required in most everyday adult handwriting tasks.

Net.independence (NYTimes bidnez)

Today’s NYTimes Business Section is full of stories, seemingly unrelated in some cases, about how the net is opening up new opportunities for involvement in news, entertainment and other areas of communication. Among the articles is the center cover about citizen journalism featuring the Greensboro News and Record (with great image of their front page), an article on podcasting (there have been several over the past few days), an article about legal movie downloads, an article on AOL and Live 8 and the remaking of AOL to be less of a gated community, an opinion piece that says that whatever the Supreme Court decided about file sharing it will not change behaviors — this is supported by quotes from Hilary Rosen, and that’s just what I remember just now.
The common link between the articles is not just the net, but the social use of the net and the demands placed on our commercial structures by the people using the net. Will they get on the cluetrain or has it already left their station?

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