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Date: 7/7/2005

200 mile run “In Memory of Jay Clark”

My collegue and co-worker Scott Adams is planning a 200 mile run along the Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway starting at Mile Post 0 and running over the course of four days (July 27-30) to Mile Post 200.

Scott and Les Chaffin, who will be supporting Scott by biking beside him, chose this way of honoring the memory of their friend Jay Clark who passed away this May. Jay was diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer in 2000.

To find out more and to donate to the American Cancer Society or National Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations in memory of Jay Clark and in support of the run, visit Scott’s website, Run to Live … Run to Endure.

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500 comment spams per hour!

Until this morning, all looked fine here using WordPress with authimage removed. A few spam comments were thwarted by the new spam filter and good comments came through. But in the past 2 hours, I’ve been hit by about 500 comment spams. These message have no links in them and are mostly vacuous “love your site” comments. What’s the point?
I am training WordPress to deal with them using the new spam detector. These are mostly annoying, but they are still coming.
authimage may return.

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