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Date: 7/29/2005

Podcastercon – Date and Location Set

What: Podcastercon
Where: 116 Murphey Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Saturday, January 7, 2006 11am – 4pm
More: See and the Podcastercon Blog.

GILS is going….

After spending years and mucho $$$, feds have decided to recall the Global Information Locator Service (GILS) standard (according to Federal Computer Week). For those of us involved in searching via WAIS and other now decade old searching schemes (back in the day when they were new), this is not a surprise but a relief. Eliot Christian has had a very long ride on GILS (he declined to comment on the story linked above), but will now have to consider how work done for GILS might fit with W3C standards and with current searching standards used by Google and Yahoo! Could these old school GILS problems point to similar problems with the semantic web? And what does this mean for state standards based on GILS like NC GILS?

What say you old school searchers?

The Increasing Uniqueness of Paul

Paul is 128 for 2004. The Social Security Adminstration’s list of the most popular baby names for 2004 has been released at their amusing website of first names. Paul came in at 128th most popular. A search across the history of Paul for the past 55 years shows that Paul was way up at 18 in 1950. The name hovered in the top 20 for 18 years hitting 15th at the most popular year (1958) before entering a steady decline which continues to this day.

The most popular for 2004? Jacob and Emily. In North Carolina, Emma and William are more popular than the top national choices.

Check out your own name.

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