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Date: 8/1/2005

Jones-mania in USA Today

Watch for it on the stands tomorrow! Or on the net now! In an article titled “RSS feeds college students’ diet for research” I give what appears to be a complex, yet concise explanation of RSS:

It’s like a subscription or clipping service,” says Paul Jones, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the director of, an online public library of Web information ( “You can drag any Web site you want to watch, from BBC to personal blogs, and it will let you know if you have new stuff.

Mark and Rathi McCarthy in Sudan

Mark and Rathi are in Sudan working for the UN’s Humanitarian Information Centre and for the UN Food Aid respectively. Mark is an ibiblio alum who was here on leave briefly this spring to talk about his work in Darfur. Mark’s mom writes (in a comment on this blog) to let us know that despite the riots in Khartoum, Mark and Rathi are okay. But that Rathi and other UN folks are in their compound in Khartoum and Mark is out of town in Darfur.

Hope to hear more later and hope that it will be good news.

Shuttle liftoff – select the cameras

ibiblio alum Jim Ray may be over in the penumbra of the dark side but he is making the best of it. Check out the slick multimedia package that Jim worked on for MSNBC on the Discovery shuttle launch. You can select which 3 camera angles you’d like to use to view the shuttle launch at once from a set of up to 11 available cameras and that’s just the beginning. As you replay the launch, you can move between cameras. Take a look. This is a wonderful piece of work.

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