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Date: 8/2/2005

UNC = Rock School

Rolling Stone Magazine (not to be confused with the band which will be playing at Duke soon or the various blues songs or Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone) has released their list of Schools That Rock. Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham are listed as Number 2 just behind Seattle.

WXYC is the only radio station mentioned in the Radio Section. Duke’s free iPods (with Duke tuition ;->) start off the article. Cat’s Cradle and School-Kids get special mentions. Nothing in Raleigh or at NCSU gets any ink at all.

Someone should tell the folks at Rolling Stone that town and metro areas are not schools; the article and list are more about places that have music and have schools — not so much about the schools themselves.

Podcasting and iTunes delight

We tuned up Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den and registered the podcast with iTunes lately. We’d been podcasting it for a while, but the iTunes subscription service makes it really easy to get new audio into your player — if that player is iTunes.
I have the about 100 songs from the Folk Den in my player when I saw a new song just show up! This is exactly what is supposed to happen, but it was still amazing. Roger had just added the song to the Folk Den about 5 minutes or so earlier. Without any effort other than subscribing to our RSS feed, I had the song there and ready to play and/or transfer to my iPod.

We have some work to do on the metadata, but we’ll be working on that and on a WordPress version of the Folk Den next.

Other podcasts I enjoy are Harry Shearer’s Le Show from KCRW (also easy to subcribe to on iTunes) and Brian Russell’s

Bonus: Catch up with Roger and Camilla at Roger’s blog.

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