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Date: 8/3/2005

Napoleon Dynamite: Comedy, Tragedy, Documentary or Rip-Off of Elvis Costello persona

You tell me. No one I’ve spoken to is in accord on this one. Is Napoleon Dynamite a comedy, a tragedy, a documentary or a crappy, secular Mormon referencing, Idaho centric rip off of one of Elvis Costello’s crafted nerdy personae?

Running 200 miles in 4 days!

Scott Adams ran and Les Chaffin biked 50 miles a day for 4 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Milepost 0 to Milepost 200! The pictures are in (you are chastised for not running IE before you see the pics tho).

Scott and Les weren’t just running/biking for the challenge, but doing it to honor the memory of Jay Clark who recently passed away in May. You too can help celebrate the challenge and honor the Memory of Jay Clark:

Donate to American Cancer Society Or
Donate to National Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations
If donating by check please make checks payable to “American Cancer Society or National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization”
Label them for “In Memory of Jay Clark”
Mail them to Scott Adams / 29 North Circle Drive / Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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