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Date: 8/11/2005

ibiblio-mania various

Besides the SlashDot article posted below, ibiblio has received some other very good and varied attention in the past few hours.

ibiblio’s Osprey on SlashDot

John Reuning had an article on Osprey accepted and posted last night on SlashDot

The comments were various and many. Here’s the article and the links:

BitTorrent for Content Providers
Posted by
timothy on Wednesday August 10, @06:50PM

from the but-it’s-per-se-bad-don’t-you-realize dept.
snuvlorgin writes has entered the fray, launching an enhanced BitTorrent site.
Among the torrent offerings (all legal) are Linux kernels, distros, Project Gutenberg texts, and the ibiblio Speaker Series, which includes videos of talks by Larry Lessig, Robin Miller, and Dan Gillmor. ibiblio developed and open sourced the Osprey and Permaseed software to make BitTorrent seeding reliable, persistent, and suitable for large-scale content providers. Yes, you can find these torrents later.”

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