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Date: 8/17/2005

Vassar Clements (1928 – 2005)

I first heard Vassar Clements back in the 60s when I was in high school. Always the odd boy, I was not digging the sweet soul music called “beach music” and the rock and roll available was mostly from the UK. But I was happy to be one of the few long haired or gypsy dressed kids at a serious bluegrass concert. I recall fondly how Vassar Clements was early to play with John Hartford and then with the Earl Scruggs Review and then soon after on the Nitty Gritty Dirtband’s Circle LPs.
Over time I heard Vassar, recorded, in various surprising and excellent combos playing with various rockers and jazz players.
Even the play list on the one LP of his I own, Vassar Clements (on Mercury in 1975), shows his diverse friends and interests — Charlie Daniels, Marty Stewart, John McEuen, John Hartford and others. Sadly this, one of the best instrumental LPs I own, has never been released on CD and is out of print.

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