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Date: 8/21/2005

Indy Music Blog begins

The Independent has launched a series of blogs beginning with Scan their music blog

Rich News at least in Features

This morning’s News and Observer is full of stories, features and articles on or by some folks I know and some I love.

Artist Jane Filer (we own one of her paintings) whose show will open next Sunday at Jane Tyndall’s Gallery at University Mall is the subject of a longish feature in which both Janes are quoted.

Bob Moog and theremins are part of a feature story on the Ether Music 2005 (in Asheville) and are subject of another feature as well as a photo and audio slide show. Steve Burnett, who has commented here, is the Rasputin lookalike in the fifth picture.

Susan Gladen’s short story which won the Doris Betts Award is featured in the Sunday Journal section. Susan and Peter Kramer let me write in their chicken house occassionally.

Sam Ruby and Michael Teiman talk about corporate blogs in the Business Section. (I was deep background on part of this. So deep that Jonathan Cox may have forgotten he even spoke with me ;->).

My favorite real life pirate, Captain Horatio Sinbad, is Tar Heel of the Week. Besides leading raids on local to Beaufort and Morehead City waterfront restaurants and tourist cruises, the relatively good captain won a sailboat race and as part of his prizes, he will be bringing sailing ships to Beaufort. Great profile of a man who never grew up — in th every best way.

Remember that Bob Moog is undergoing cancer treatment at Duke. You can sign his guest book and leave him a message.

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