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Date: 8/30/2005

Ruby-mania in NandO’s Ruby Sinreich is subject of a feature in the News and Observer today entitled ‘Technogeek’ nudges nonprofits onto Web. Ruby gets props (and the story) for her Change Maker Award. Ruby gets three pairs of Polo jeans and gets to name a charity that will receive the $250 gift that is part of the award.

Ruby has some things to say about the NandO article (as you might expect).

Chapel Hill Bloggers Meet Ups

MisterSugar writes to let us know that Chapel Hill Blogger Meet Ups will begin soon.

First meeting: September 8
When: second and fourth Thursdays at 7 p.m.
Where: 3 CUPS coffee bar in the West End Courtyard off West Franklin Street

More area blogging events on

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