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Orange County Elections Resourses

Ruby Sinreich and the folks at Orange Politics has created not only the best discussion forum about local politics at the main site, but also other very useful resources on their special elections page. Besides the candidate lists (with links to websites/blogs), there is information about filings and about registering to vote.

My favorite is Corey Reece’s Dynamic Election Map of Orange County, North Cackalacky made using the Google Maps API which pinpoints the registered residencies of all of the candidates. Corey has added RSS-fed recent articles from each candidate’s site (that make use of RSS).

Tax Free Weekend

For some things, there is no tax for this weekend. Mostly back to school supplies, clothes and the like, but also for computers. The lines at the Apple store were very very long — except for the line for those who qualified for educational discounts. Woo woo ! That is us! We picked up additional savings on an iBook for Tucker and got a free (after rebate) iPod Mini as well as $100 rebate on an HP Scanner/Copier/Printer. We had to pay tax on the iPod and the Printer, but over all we saw some very good savings.
Later Tucker got new shoes.
We have shopped and we are done shopping!

Bach as arranged by Rachmaninoff

Listen here! Nassib Nassar has posted a recording of Bach (arr. Rachmaninoff): Gigue from Violin Partita No. 3 in E major.
Additional recordings of Beethoven Piano Sonatas are also available there.

“MLK Boulevard: The Concrete Dream

Marco Williams (who also made “Two Towns of Jasper”) was in Durham for a showing of his “MLK Boulevard: The Concrete Dream” at the Center for Documentary Studies last night. Tucker and I went over to see him.
The MLK Blvd story is a familiar one to us as Sally had worked hard on the renaming one of Chapel Hill’s main roads to MLK Blvd. As Yogi would say, it was deja vu all over again as we watched the drama of road renaming play out in Eugene Oregon. The same arguments, the same substitutions offered, the same talk about process. Only Council person Bettman in Eugene stepped up and was strong enough to read King’s words on the subject to her fellows on Council as they claimed that the cost of stationary was too great to allow for renaming or claimed that they had a more “creative and unique idea” like naming the library or a park.
The vote in Eugene was 6 against the naming and 2 for.
Marco visited MLK Blvds, Sts, Rds, and more around the country to see what was happening there. Great visits with interesting people including one dirt road that ends at a trailer house where a delightful and cranky admirer of MLK lives.
Back in Eugene, Marco visits the various business people who talk about the hardship of change in carefully coded language.
One more direct merchant, Ed of Ed’s Warehouse, says he will shutdown his appliance business if the road in front is renamed. During part of the discussion, Ed tells Marco that Marco is “thinking like a black person.” Ahem. . Camera pans to Marco. Marco has long long dreadlocks and is, well, a black person. Camera pans to Marco. Ed tries to say well I want you to see it my way, but he can’t quite express himself clearly on that.
After a period of aggitation and of editorial writing, the Council decided to revisit the renaming vote. This time the vote was 5 – 3 for the renaming.
Many other stories in this 54 minute film that was made for limitied cable release on the NYTimes/Discovery channel.

[links etc later]

Napoleon Dynamite: Comedy, Tragedy, Documentary or Rip-Off of Elvis Costello persona

You tell me. No one I’ve spoken to is in accord on this one. Is Napoleon Dynamite a comedy, a tragedy, a documentary or a crappy, secular Mormon referencing, Idaho centric rip off of one of Elvis Costello’s crafted nerdy personae?

Running 200 miles in 4 days!

Scott Adams ran and Les Chaffin biked 50 miles a day for 4 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Milepost 0 to Milepost 200! The pictures are in (you are chastised for not running IE before you see the pics tho).

Scott and Les weren’t just running/biking for the challenge, but doing it to honor the memory of Jay Clark who recently passed away in May. You too can help celebrate the challenge and honor the Memory of Jay Clark:

Donate to American Cancer Society Or
Donate to National Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations
If donating by check please make checks payable to “American Cancer Society or National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization”
Label them for “In Memory of Jay Clark”
Mail them to Scott Adams / 29 North Circle Drive / Chapel Hill, NC 27516

UNC = Rock School

Rolling Stone Magazine (not to be confused with the band which will be playing at Duke soon or the various blues songs or Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone) has released their list of Schools That Rock. Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham are listed as Number 2 just behind Seattle.

WXYC is the only radio station mentioned in the Radio Section. Duke’s free iPods (with Duke tuition ;->) start off the article. Cat’s Cradle and School-Kids get special mentions. Nothing in Raleigh or at NCSU gets any ink at all.

Someone should tell the folks at Rolling Stone that town and metro areas are not schools; the article and list are more about places that have music and have schools — not so much about the schools themselves.

Podcasting and iTunes delight

We tuned up Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den and registered the podcast with iTunes lately. We’d been podcasting it for a while, but the iTunes subscription service makes it really easy to get new audio into your player — if that player is iTunes.
I have the about 100 songs from the Folk Den in my player when I saw a new song just show up! This is exactly what is supposed to happen, but it was still amazing. Roger had just added the song to the Folk Den about 5 minutes or so earlier. Without any effort other than subscribing to our RSS feed, I had the song there and ready to play and/or transfer to my iPod.

We have some work to do on the metadata, but we’ll be working on that and on a WordPress version of the Folk Den next.

Other podcasts I enjoy are Harry Shearer’s Le Show from KCRW (also easy to subcribe to on iTunes) and Brian Russell’s

Bonus: Catch up with Roger and Camilla at Roger’s blog.

Jones-mania in USA Today

Watch for it on the stands tomorrow! Or on the net now! In an article titled “RSS feeds college students’ diet for research” I give what appears to be a complex, yet concise explanation of RSS:

It’s like a subscription or clipping service,” says Paul Jones, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the director of, an online public library of Web information ( “You can drag any Web site you want to watch, from BBC to personal blogs, and it will let you know if you have new stuff.

Mark and Rathi McCarthy in Sudan

Mark and Rathi are in Sudan working for the UN’s Humanitarian Information Centre and for the UN Food Aid respectively. Mark is an ibiblio alum who was here on leave briefly this spring to talk about his work in Darfur. Mark’s mom writes (in a comment on this blog) to let us know that despite the riots in Khartoum, Mark and Rathi are okay. But that Rathi and other UN folks are in their compound in Khartoum and Mark is out of town in Darfur.

Hope to hear more later and hope that it will be good news.

Shuttle liftoff – select the cameras

ibiblio alum Jim Ray may be over in the penumbra of the dark side but he is making the best of it. Check out the slick multimedia package that Jim worked on for MSNBC on the Discovery shuttle launch. You can select which 3 camera angles you’d like to use to view the shuttle launch at once from a set of up to 11 available cameras and that’s just the beginning. As you replay the launch, you can move between cameras. Take a look. This is a wonderful piece of work.

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