After my own very busy day that included phone conferences, dean conferences, IBM grant presentations, I’m taking time to think about how this community has tried to reach out to the Katrina victims.
Maple View Ice Cream had to quit serving ice cream (all sales go to benefit…) because the demand for ice cream and the urge to help was so great that their scooping employees were completely worn out.
Kids were selling cookies at Weaver Street on the Lawn.
Three kids from Duke took a road trip. Faked some press ids and snuck into N’wleans where they used a boat to rescue at least seven people who had been stranded.
Several hundred people flew into town in the last 48 hours and people here are doing their best to make them feel at ease (if not at home).
Then there are the many UNC campus responses to Katrina.
And that’s only a small sample of how people are trying to connect and to help out.