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Date: 9/25/2005

Shoe blog

Doc pointed to this in a note about the contest there. I am far far far from a fashionista and for shoes I’ve worn only black Bass Weegens for decades, but the writing on Shoe Blogs by Manolo is witty and occassionally delightfully nasty (as in the Gallery of Horrors and his (?) comments on the famous and poorly shod.

Brown is the new Black

In case you haven’t noticed, some time this spring brown began replacing black in fashion. Not just brown by itself, but brown accompanied by or should I say complimented by Carolina Blue. Sally mentioned this to me in the spring. Then in June when we walked down Chicago’s Miracle Mile (the street that has been remade to look like the part of a mall that is made to look like a city street), all the store manikins were in the same rich brown and light blue. Matrons and hipplets, teens and office girls, everyone with new clothes was in brown and blue. Now on campus, it’s even more obvious. Folks who two years ago were in black t-shirts now have on brown. Sorority girls and even punkster guys are in the same colors. Even Perry Farrell (once Jane’s Addiction) was wearing the colors at his Lollapalooza show in New York.

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