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Date: 9/30/2005

Facebook follow up

Heard in the hall. “This class is always boring. I’m glad I can work on my Facebook profile for an hour”
“Your profile is so awesome.”
“I need to catch up with Julie’s”

Heard at the Daily Grind. “Can’t talk now. Not sure about this weekend. Just check my Facebook. I’ll put it [presumably the weekend plans] there.”

The slides from Fred’s presentation are in PDF [correct link to the presentation] The slides from Fred’s presentation are in PDF and the talk will be podcast by Brian Russell at on Monday.

Chapel Hill has cheapest gas in Triangle

The News and Observer’s use of the Google Maps API for mapping the cheapest gas in the Triangle has finally put a dart on a Chapel Hill street. The Wilco on Martin Luther King has the cheapest gas (if you consider $2.85 cheap).
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