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Date: 10/11/2005

Where are the UFOs?


Intellectual Property Creativity and the Innovation Process

UNC-Red Hat Symposium
Coming November 1 and 2.

McConville/Bucky on WUNC

WUNC’s The State of Things has discovered that David McConville and the folks at Black Mountain College know a bit about Bucky (Buckminster Fuller). So they had them on the air today at noon (and in their archives soonnow).

Note: the WUNC archives and their podcasts are hosted by

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Buckminster Fuller: In 1948, Buckminster Fuller, then a visiting teacher at Black Mountain College in Western North Carolina, built his first geodesic dome. It collapsed. The next summer he returned to Black Mountain and succeeded. Fuller later became famous for his domes and inventions, including the Dymaxion car, Dymaxion map, and World Game. A current exhibit at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center in Asheville looks back at those inventions and Fuller’s time in North Carolina. Host Frank Stasio talks with John Wright, board chairman at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center in Asheville; Lloyd Steven Sieden, author of “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work” (Perseus/2000); Jay Baldwin, author of “Bucky Works: Buckminster Fuller’s Ideas for Today” (Wiley/1997); and David McConville, co-founder of Elumenati, a company in Asheville that designs immersive projection environments. Listener Call-in. (59:00)

Converge fallout in NandO

I blogged a little about the sessions that I attended at the ConvergeSouth conference on Saturday. After seeing the discussion at the News and Observer Editor’s blog, I wish I could have made it over on Friday too. There NandO editor Melanie Sill opines on the filtering role of newspapers based in part on her reaction to Ted Vaden’s blogging about Jay Rosen’s talk at Converge (got all of that? good because there’s more).
But Sill hears back from Rosen in the comments (and others). There’s also a broken Trackback to Ed Cone’s blog.

Now that’s blogging for you.

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