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Date: 10/13/2005

Lessig in Foreign Policy

Larry Lessig has a brief bit in Foreign Policy called The Public Domain: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. It’s Larry’s standard pitch for balance and for the protection of the public domain. Clearly written and concise and well-argued. What makes it interesting is the placement. In Foreign Policy.

It begins:

Within every culture, there is a public domain—a lawyer-free zone, unregulated by the rules of copyright. Throughout history, this part of culture has been vital to the spread and development of creative work. It is the part that gets cultivated without the permission of anyone else.

This public domain has always lived alongside a private domain—the part of culture that is owned and regulated, that part whose use requires the permission of someone else. Through the market incentives it creates, the private domain has also produced extraordinary cultural wealth throughout the world. It is essential to how cultures develop.

Google bombing failure

Not a failure of Google Bombing, but an example of GoogleBombing using the word failure. See for yourself. It’s a bit old, but Tucker just found it and asked how.

Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust Explained

Louis Round WilsonA new press release out from the School of Information and Library Science explains a bit more about the Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust and lists more members of the Academy.

I was there last week with Jimmy Wales and Brewster Kahle among others for the ritual induction in the Rare Book Room of the Louis Round Wilson Library. Appropriately, the induction took place under the Round dome at the center of the Rare Book Room.

Jimbo Wales talk available for download

TJ has the videos and audios of Jimmy Wales’ talk at UNC last week ready for download and viewing on the ibiblio speakers site.

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